Lavonne McNeil 

~ Finding My Passion ~

20161230_080734Hello friend and thank you for visiting my website.   I look forward to creating a unique one of a kind pieces of jewelry or items for your everyday use and/or current project.

Let me just say that what I thought would again be a quick phase in my life, has become one of the most fulfilling creative times I’ve ever experienced. Never would I have imagined that I was “reinventing” myself, so to speak.

I began making jewelry in the summer of 2013 after falling in love with all the colors and glass beads ever known to man.  I was buying more and more to ensure I had enough stock for my jewelry designs.  That said, being a part of this niche community has expanded my creativity and have developed some of the BEST friendships I’ve ever had.  As a result, I’m blessed to have found a mentor & friend that has taught me this beautiful art and trade. Bead and jewelry making has been extremely rewarding and enjoyable.  For this, I am very grateful.

After dabbling into wire wrapping, bead stringing, crocheting and every other craft/hobby you can imagine, seed beading just resonated.  The idea came about when my husband, a successful real estate broker, came to me and said, why don’t you create something out of knobs or handles?  Silly as it seemed at the time and completing a few of our own fix & flips, Whoa!!  My a-ha moment began.

Today, I’m a stay at home wife and designer.  Not only am I creating what I love to do, but also designing stylish cabinetry decor for your home, remodel, new build or next project.  The possibilities are limitless.

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